Sun protecting children who need it most

07 March 2024  |   Michelle Baker

This year Melanoma Fund is again working with the Department of Education, who have today contacted over 162 UK local authorities urging them to create awareness of sun protection to their Holiday and Food providers.

The appeal will hit at a time when everyone is busy planning their Easter activities, to ensure that sun protection is on the menu. To update the campaign from previous year’s , the Melanoma Fund is launching a NEW and updated sunboard campaign for 2024, offering providers the opportunity to allow ALL children access to sunscreen when playing outdoors, at a time when sunburn is most common.

The wall mounted sunboards which can house a full litre of SPF50 sunscreen, come with a refillable dispenser, sun safety tips, and an adjustable UV dial, educate children that SPF50 is only required when the UV Index is 3+. The idea ensures that if children arrive without sunscreen, they can still protect their skin

“We requested sunboards as I could not bear to see severely sunburnt children again. Last summer, we had children missing significant amounts of school and missing out on water activities due being so burnt they could to put on wetsuits. Parents regularly told me that sunscreen was a very low priority due to cost.”  HAF Provider in Plymouth

The idea is part of our ‘Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code’, a FREE accreditation campaign for all groups and individuals that work with children outdoors, offering downloadable resources that are fun and easy to implement. Anyone can get accredited by visiting HERE


To support costs, local authorities can get the sunboards sponsored, with space at the top for logos, which can be offered as part of the cost, providing an impactful advertising opportunity for local/regional groups or individuals who want to give something back. Sunboards, which are are available at subsidised prices, include delivery, branding and a small donation to the Melanoma Fund.

If you wish to order a sunboard for your club or group or are interested in sponsorship,  visit or email.